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Ok, I know little on EGAs and was hoping for some insight. I picked these 3 EGA’s up for about $25 each recently and was hoping for some info on era and value.3e8c2b0a1bbf8d732ae3d97a5c824145.jpg


Marked sterling



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The first two are enlisted M37 emblems for the barracks cover used throughout WWII and the Korean War. The last one is an enlisted 1926 style collar emblem, AKA "droop wing" style, used until the 1937 pattern came out. Looks like the first one might be marked "sterling" in the anchor crossbar? Can't quite tell from the photo. If so, that would make it a little more rare than the usual.

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I believe C would bring alittle more $35. - $50.   Richard

Wanted: WWI ID'ed USMC Green Wool Uniform and ANYTHING documented to my Dad's Iwo Jima outfit: 21st Marines 3rd Div.

Items marked "Marquet, Marquett, or Marquette"







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