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B-4 Co2 cartridge?


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Hello All,

 When my B-4 LP arrived, I checked the inflation devices and found these Co2 cartridges in the actuators.

I reread Dustin's excellent thread about LP and I see the pic he shows of the cartridges is different from the one's I removed,

His are straight walled and mine have creases going around the case and there is some red paint remaining on them.


I have several items that require C02 cartridge's and these that came with the vest seem to be to small to be for the vest.

Mine measure 2 9/16" and are not pierced 

Are these dummy/transit cartridges???

Here are Dustin's and mine to compare.


Semper Fi 








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Commercial Sparklet CO2 bulbs. distinctive crimped center and red colored.

Common to find them in vests, readily available on the commercial market and applied to those surplus vests for those recreational users in the private sector.

The US Government procured types for WWII did not have the crimped center line.  


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Thank you Dustin.

Great to know. I had to look these up.

Interesting these are for seltzer Soda dispensers. 



 They say "DO NOT HEAT"


Semper Fi


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