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"COMBAT FIRE POWER !" Ar15 fold-out

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That looks like the kind of literature a defense manufacturer will circulate when they are trying to whip up support for their product and win a government contract.


Once upon a time I had a professionally made three ring binder full of promotional information for the ill fated Sgt. York anti-aircraft system. I happened to be attending the Paris airshow while stationed in Germany, and the industry reps fawned all over me like I was Chief of Procurement. When I got it in the mail, I noticed the two other recipients were a Private Jones and a Lieutenant Colonel who had doubtlessly stumbled into the exhibit the same way I had.

Gil Burket
Omaha, NE
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I had a similar experience at the Infantry Conference in 1987... I was at Fort Benning for the Infantry Mortar Platoon course... the displays were set up in the halls of Building Snore... I mean Building #4... lol I got to see a lot of stuff before the army procured it... The AT4, and there is a version of the TOW missile that got its guidance package from the Bofors BILL missile. It is set up to "top attack". Put the cross hairs on the target and the missile sails in high and shoots down through the top of the turret. I also got to see the Beretta 92F and the 93R. I used to have all the literature somewhere but that was 20 years ago...



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