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J.R. Gaunt Observer with scarce hallmarks


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Here's a tough-to-find J.R. Gaunt-produced full size Observer's badge marked with "STERLING" and three British cartouches, plus the older standard "JR Gaunt" hallmark and the more recent "JRG&S" (JR Gaunt & Sons) hallmark.   

Gaunt Observer 4.jpg

Gaunt Observer 5.jpg

Gaunt Observer 6.jpg

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Nice.  The Anchor represents that it was made in Birmingham.  The Lion represents .925 silver and the U represents that it was made in 1944.  Very cool markings on that wing.  Thanks for posting Russ.  Also note that the lower markings on this wing are the same style marking used on the commemorative RAF 1942 badge that was given to members of the Eagle Squadron pilots and ground crew.  See here on my site if you're interested - http://www.ww2wings.com/wings/britainraf/britainraf1942badge.shtml

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That was a real treat to see Russ. I didn't know Gaunt produced the Observer pattern wing in genuine silver as well.


FYI, I think you'll find that the JRG&S stamping is generally only applied when the anchor/lion/year stamps are applied to one of their items - it's not necessarily older or newer than the raised JR Gaunt London type of marking, imo more of a "higher end" (quality-wise) marking.




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Thank you all for your kind responses.  And an extra bit of gratitude to Bob and Mike for their shared knowledge concerning Gaunt hallmarks and British cartouches.


I've attached a couple of comparison images of the Gaunt "Sterling" example below a nice silver-plated example just for chit-and-chatter.  




Gaunt Observer 9.jpg

Gaunt Observer 8.jpg

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9 hours ago, rustywings said:

British Silver Dates...



British Silver Dates.png


These are only the dates for the Birmingham Assay office, there's also London, Sheffield, Chester and Edinburgh.

Birmingham Assay marks do appear to be the most prolific on WWII American insignia though.

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