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The ONLY WWII Minesweeper Left!!!!


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I had a chance a few weeks back to explore the USS Hazard, which is the only WWII minesweeper left (which is so sad to think about). Below is a link to my walk through the ship. Learned a lot! Enjoy!



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3 hours ago, FriarChuck said:

Very cool. I moved to Omaha last summer and Freedom Park was still closed from the flood. I’ll have to check that out. Thanks for posting.



My pleasure. Glad that they saved this one but it's pretty sad to think about all that were sent to the scrapyard or to the bottom of the ocean.

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In normal times if I'd known you were coming out this way, I'd of said let me know when you are in Omaha.  I've spent the last 20 years here.


A lot of people are surprised to learn there is a Naval museum in the middle of the country in Omaha.  I lived here for at least 5 years before I discovered it.


Not all of the minesweepers are on the bottom of the ocean.  The USS Inaugural is a shipwreck under a bridge in St. Louis.  It was a museum ship until it got swept up in a flood. I believe it is still there.




The USS Hazard was also tormented by the floods of the Missouri back in 2012.  Fortunately the museum volunteers rushed in and lashed her properly so she could ride out the rising waters that overflowed the banks.  The attached photos were taken after the waters receded and much of the sand cleared away.






AA 1.jpg


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On 12/4/2020 at 1:00 PM, Backtheattack said:

Great item of history, good one is still a relict of war which could be visited.

Yes, we're fortunate that this one was preserved.

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4 hours ago, lewis505 said:

Thanks for sharing - great info!

Thanks! Glad that you enjoyed it. Pretty amazing that they were able to save this one but it's sad that it's the only one left.

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