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What would the uniform look like for a 5th AF pilot in WWII?

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Hey everyone,


Somewhat new to researching USAAF involvement in the PTO. I am curious as to what type of flight suit, helmet, and life preserver would've been issued to 5th Air Force fighter pilots from 1943-1945. Again, still new to researching USAAF equipment so I'm having trouble identifying what was worn in original photographs.


Thank you!

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I think your going to get a lot of options...there were so many variations.....but when I hear 5th AF fighter pilot.. I think of these two guys...and Lindy (tall guy with the B-8 goggles) too

Khakis, A-9 or A-8, B-3 life preserver...AN-6530 goggles



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phantom nailed it - tan flight suits or shirt/pants and the gear he listed.  

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13th USAAF uniforms and groups/medal groups!

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Also looking for:

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