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Interactive preWWI/WWI Rifle Cartridge Belt ID Page

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As I scan ads for pre-WWI and WWI infantry rifle cartridge belts, I see many that are not properly identified.

Even well known sellers sometimes list them wrong, or don't label them as specifically as they're described in reference books.


Because the subject is so confusing, I wrote a webpage to help anyone to figure out what they're looking at.

It consists of a few either-or questions about the belt's features. Just click to answer. There's no need, or way, to enter text.

Not included are BAR belts, medical belts, leather cartridge belts, pistol cartridge belts and most cavalry belts.


If this post would be better served under the Reference section, I could post there, too.


Down below is the link to that page, on my secure website. The website is for my own tinkering and not for any kind of enterprise.
(Your browser should show that the site is encrypted and uses no trackers, like cookies.)


I poured through topics pertaining to belt identification in my reference books and on the forum to help me get this right.

A special thanks to Hayes Otoupalik who answered a nagging question I had that was the missing piece of the puzzle for me.


I'm sure there are some tweaks that will be needed, so, I invite informed input that will help make this a better tool for IDing belts.

If this helps anyone, I'd like knowing that, too!


WWI Belt ID Page:



520th Transportation Bn., Phu Loi, RVN

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