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Original WWII USMC Bolo Knife

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World War Two USMC Medical Corpsman machete Bolo knife with USMC marked on the blade and scabbard marked: “USMC / BOYT / 44”.  The blade is in good condition with some staining and other blemishes due to its age.  The Boyt scabbard is in very good condition with some slight normal aging.  The machete like bolo knife was used by the Medical Corpsman Marines in the South Pacific as a simple and tough knife for clearing brush and cutting branches to ease the movement of stretchers to and from the battlefields.  The simple made design with wood grips riveted to the tang of the wide blade that is formed proved to be a good hand-to-hand combat knife fighting the Japanese soldiers in the thick jungles of the area.



Length with scabbard: 44 cm (17.32 inches)

Length without scabbard: 42 cm (16.53 inches)

20200706_121746 (1).jpg

20200706_121737 (1).jpg

20200706_121734 (1).jpg


20200706_121712 (1).jpg

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