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Marshall's Arsenal WWII Replica Grenades & Garand Fillers


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Hey all, 

For those looking for a very good MK2 Replica Grenade that is solid resin plastic, with removable fuse and correct metal spoon, I am now making them in a variety of early, mid and late war types.  Also I am making the M49A1 Mortars with 2 different fuse types and a spring wire safety.  Another great favorite is the M1 Garand dummy ammo block filler.

Check the sale out at Marshall's Arsenal 


Right now until August 10, the MK2 and M1 Garand fillers are 10% off if you use the code "DRAGOON" at check-out.


Early New and Aged Grenades.jpg

Mid and Late War New and Aged.jpg

resized_M1 Garand Filler with En Bloc.jpg

resized_Mortar - New - Both Types.jpg

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