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50s-70s Airborne & Special Forces Group

Red Devil

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I am proud to be the caretaker of part of a veteran's estate.  The military items went up for auction, and if I had put together more of my research beforehand, I would have placed more bids! 


The veteran was a surgeon in the 506th PIR in 1956, later for the 10th SFG in Germany.  He served two tours in Vietnam with various units including the 173rd Airborne, was posted to numerous medical commands, and retired a colonel in the 1980s.  I was fortunate to acquire his named M1C (shown in greater detail here), 506th officer's Ridgeway cap, a cap with Ranger tab, and 50s era 506th patches and DIs.  On the day I picked it up, I located several scarves sewn from parachute material and original copies of publications that have articles he wrote in them.  I'm working to find examples of the patches for each unit he served with.  Couple photos are below.


All comments always welcomed!



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9 hours ago, hzamar said:

Very cool items, Red Devil. What were the other items that were auctioned that you didn't wind up with?


Thank you.  There were two green berets, lots of patches, and loads of foreign/German items.

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The other stuff sounds like it was pretty great as well but your items are very cool. I have always liked the 50s/60s color insignia Army uniforms like your hats. 100% tactically unsound insignia choices but very colorful and cool.

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