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Was my birthday weekend and wanted to get out of town. Went to the North Coast (Eureka / Arcata) area and hit some haunts. Was fun to find some stuff. Since the Alameda Peddlers Fair was closed for COVID, wanted to take the wife whale watching out of Santa Cruz, but no sitter for the dog  this was the next best bet. 


Some of the stuff I found; a double patches 81st INF / Pacific Command Ike. Sterling CIB and mixed single ribbons were in the pocket. I say mixed because the American Defense medal ribbon is the Navy 1/2 inch version. A stack of WW2 USMC 3rd Amphib patches, photos (most which I'll post to the forum), a Mexican Border Service medal (numbered), 1950 26th INF photo book with 8x10 photos w/a lot of CIB's and sewn ribbon racks and a Philip belt buckle (already posted in that topic). Un-named WW2 Bronze Star and Army Good Conduct medals.      






I "primarily" collect Gulf War 1 patches. All branches (USA, USAF,USN, USMC & USCG) and ALL Countries..
US - Op.'s Desert Shield / Storm / Provide Comfort /Some Southern Watch - F-4G's Wild Weasels
UK - Op.'s Granby / Sabre / Warden
Canadian - Op. Desert Storm / Op. Friction
French - Daguet / Aconit
Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, South Korea, etc.
Looking for the oddities, including unfinished & flaws
I HAVE EXTRA's!! Will trade as well.


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