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Creating Challenge Coins with 3-D Modeling Software

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A few shots of some additional work in the coin designs over the last 6 weeks... there's a couple of other sides done...but they're a bit more risque or vulgar for a family friendly forum...might share them when they're done with censors...admittedly, I'm a very profane person at work...I have been clocked as using a variant of the 'F' word 504 times in a single diatribe...but I'm not overly big on the more risque stuff. However, I didn't want these designs to be all me...I wanted them to be reflective of the Marines I served with in these units, so the inside/profane/dirty jokes/politically incorrect, adopted pinup girls, etc made their way onto some of them. Additionally, I wanted to be reflective of morale patches of generations past, as well as spoof documents/medals of the past... keep a little historical tradition with these


WFTBn, PARRIS ISLAND SIDE 1---Parris Island Fishing Club...there is an EGA on the pith helmet...








Norway deployment side 2...WELCOME TO HOTH...the coordinates are the arctic circle, and the runes are our platoon call sign 'Savage One' in Elder Furthark



And the completed Side 1 of the Baghdad Swat Team from my second Iraq tour...


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Finished the Norway design...will probably test print it this weekend...


Side 1:

-Grid coordinate on top is the arctic circle, representing our time in the arctic and designation as Blue Noses


-"Welcome to Hoth"...while standing on a cliff, during a white out, I was making my rounds inspected the comm trench being dug and one of my Marines asked, "how are you enjoying beautiful Hoth, SSgt?!?" My response? "Go get the dammed shield generator working, Corporal". Later on I realized that the Hoth scenes in Star Wars were filmed in Norway. To this day, this moment always makes me chuckle...-40 degrees, 22 hours of darkness a day, white out conditions, digging the longest comm trench the British instructors had ever seen, keeping my eye on an avalanche zone threatening to sweep our snipers off a mountain, outdoor open-air slit trench, Marines yelling "EFF AN ARCTIC RIBBON!"...and then this corporal keeping his good humor.


-Pinup Leia with a Wampa skin rug...it was between this and the Frozen princesses...that was the never ending debate with the boys...I went with the Hoth connection for this one...


-Elder Furthark script..."Savage One", our platoon callsign. For some ungodly reason company went with a term that has been misappropriated by middle school girls...it was the butt of many jokes and much detested...so besides awesome viking runes, the inside joke is outsiders don't have to read our unpopular "Savage" callsign. To be fair to company...they did let us submit ideas...but evidently "Wooly Horny Bears" and "Piscicles" weren't acceptable (there are stories behind both of those). What I've learned over the years is never ask Marines to submit ideas...we NEVER take it seriously. Like our proposed combat instructor ribbon designs (and yet another story there)







Side 2...


-Yeti with an M4...part of our original shirt proposal


-Scenery...representative of Norway's terrain and the arctic in particular


-Wavy lines- aurora borealis


-Runes... 'MRF-E' on top for Marine Rotational Force-Europe. Lower left B/1/2...Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 2nd Marines....lower right is "Norway"


-Three symbols...viking symbols...upper left "Gungnir" (Odin's Spear)...upper right "Trollkors" (Troll Cross...trolls are huge in Norway)...bottom "Valknut" (Odin's Knot)


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