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Meet B-17 "Mrs Geezil's Tail Gunner Joe!!!

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Hello All,

My 5'7" mannequin arrived yesterday and I got busy, Tried on all my uniforms. Then I dressed it up for my display to honor my uncle Joe. 

So 8th AF 384th Bomb Group, 545th Bomb Squadron out of Station #106 Grafton Underwood airfield.


My uncle Joe flew multiple positions from Toggeler,  Top Turret gunner, Waist gunner and then finished in the B-17 stinger as the Tailgunner, up until April 13th 1944 , When his B-17 Mrs Geezil was shotdown. shot down  on the Schweinfurt mission. This was his 24th mission flown. He would parachute down into a field of German soldier on furlough . They were immediately take prisoner.He spent the duration of the war in Stalag XVIIB. 


In this display,I am using a set of British Type -C headset that I have a period photo of a B-17 crewmember using this type. Just wanted to step it up a bit!!!

He is wearing his full uniform, With a B-14 flight jacket and a set of A-4 flight suit with it tied at the waist with its sleeves. I know I have worn my coveralls like that on the flight line and I also didn't want to cover up that B-14 jacket.Ithis mannequin came bald , so I got wig online and it showed up today. This helps with the fit of the B-1 summer flight cap my uncle was known to wear. I have several pic's of him wearing it and think I will replace it with the one that is next to this display... And my daughter is making me a mustache for this guy..


Now I moved everybody around, and have Phil on the Left, My Aunt Annie in the middle, staying warm by the stove!! And my Uncle Joe on the right.




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