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Holly Bible USMC for Veteran

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it's been several years since I have possessed a bibe that belonged to a Marines a god to me his registered name is Donald .e.  day several times I wanted to launch research but there the life made that but now it is the good one I would like so much that it is alive there it would be a real happiness that it could recover it lou unfortunately if it us  left that his family can recover it I am attaching the photos I am attached the bible is in excellent summer I took care of it it is in excellent condition

  Martial from France







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Source:  Fold3

WWII Draft Registration Card



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I don't have access to Ancestry.com to advise you what unit Donald may've been in or other Marine Corps information pertaining to him.  Perhaps some kind person with access will look that up for you.

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Are there any dates in the book? There were two Daniel E Days i the Marine Corps, one entered in 1952 who was with 11th Marines in Korea, and the other in 1956 who was a food service Marine (cook) here at Quantico. There was also one who joined in July 1945, but no entries aside from that so he may not have finished boot camp, though he could be the one who entered in 1952


Any service numbers in there? That would help

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