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WAFS wwii wings - Ferry Command wings

liz leckey

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I know confusion exists about the Morse code on the ACFC Air Corps Ferrying Command wings worn by the WAFS. One source I found stated the roundel Morse code on these wings spell AQNTC instead of ACFC.  Not having access to a known original correct set of WAFS wings (worn by the gals before they were merged into the WASP) nor an image with sufficient detail, I cannot verify this statement.  If the Morse code for these wings does indeed spell AQNTC, is it possible the the person who made or specified the wings did not use the International Morse code but instead used the American Morse code which used by the railroad telegraph.  If so, which is correct?  More precisely, what exactly should the dots and dashes be with the individual letters denoted by red or blue instead of spaces?  Any insight or comments on this topic would be greatly appreciated!

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Welcome to the forum Liz!


I'm going to give you a couple of threads on this subject. The first is a great primer for identifying real vs fake wings written by forum regular Cliff P. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/64860-wasp-wing-find/page__st__20


The second will be a nice one for you to look at some photos and gather more info on the WAFS.

Good luck in your search and don't hesitate to ask questions!



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