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I have seen these black brooch's on DSC's being describe as Robbins  this SS is marked with an I in a diamond which I am told is an Irons and Russel manufacture so what's the deal with this?

ss black broach.jpg


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The front and back of the ribbon and the stitches holding the brooch down.  If you have another silver star you could compare the ribbon length and the fold where it goes thru the bottom loop.  The forum is full of perfect examples of this medal.  You could run it by Clinton Foster. 





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I believe that this piece is totally period correct.  I've had a couple of broaches on Silver Stars and one on a Purple Heart that turned black (or nearly black) based on how they were stored.  You can see some of the original bronze finish showing through on the back of the broach.


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There is some gilt still evident on the brooch. I suspect its toned. I have seen this happen many times over the years, but never to such a great extent. 



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This is an Irons & Russell Silver Star. This is always recognizable by the diamond w/ I in it on the reverse lug. Nearly all of the slot brooches from this contract have some varying degree of blackening.  It’s 100% original period issue. 



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