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The MK1 knife that never was

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Picked up this Camillus Mk1 knife years ago as part of set of knives, it was paired with a jet pilot knife that I wanted. The handle was twine wrapped. Under that twine the leather washers were dry & cracked, a chunk with missing from the plastic pommel so into the "stuff I don't have time for now" bin it went. Flash foward to this year and sorting thru stuff looking for something else I came across it again. I got a hairbrained idea to pair with a cut down USN Mk1 bayonet scabbard I had lying around and thus it was born.


I never cared for the smooth handle on the Mk1s so when I shipped it off to Steve S. in NC I asked him to put in grooves similar to the JPKs. When I got it back Steve had also repaired the pommel, I'm amazed at that man's craftsmanship. 



Mk1 27.1kb.jpg

mk1 91kb.jpg

Mk1 61kb.jpg

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Looks great, nice save! It's now a nice functional knife. Thanks for showing. SKIP


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