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A very interesting Vintage WW2 O2 System

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Hello everyone.

Heres an item I think will be interesting to all aviation collectors

Its an O2 system from a training aircraft initially down at corpus Cristi Texas where George Bush and my Uncle won

their wings. Heck my Uncle mayhave breathed through this thing. Slim chance of course but you never know.

Apparently it still is holding air and the regulator works. When you take a breath, the air flow indicator changes colors.

The owner says its about a 1/4tank full of air.











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Id say that post WW2 setup, and it looks to have 50s and 60s dates on it.   Looks like a high pressure walk around bottle setup.  Any dates on the mask portion?    I have a slightly newer setup kind of like this from the 70s, has a different regulator and tank setup but its basically the same idea.  Mine came with a MS-22001 mask vs the A-14


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Interesting.  Did they say what has the 43 date?  Id guess the tank might have been made around then.  Looks like on 1 of the inspection tags it says to overhaul it Jan 1962.  Jan 1957 overhaul inspection on the tank itself.  That outer part of the aluminum frame looks like something way newer with the ink marking of the aluminum thickness.  Might have been used by someone doing soaring.  My friend had a glider with a similar O2 setup with WW2 to early 50s era parts.


The flow indicators are referred to as a blinker.  If it doesn't change when you take a breath there is a leak with the mask.  Not sure if the Navy uses the term but the USAF would do whats called a P.R.I.C.E. check   Pressure (check the gauge) Regulator (see what its set at) Indicator (blinker, checking for leak) Connection (mask to hose connection) and Emergency,  ( separate emergency O2 connection and pressure if its part of the system.)



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Maybe the bottle and frame. He said the whole rig came out of a trainer aircraft.

Not too sure about it really. He said it still works. Maybe it was added to over the years ? The mask appears to be WW2 ?

Is an A14.

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I figured it was originally a walk around system like you show above.  Someone turned it in to something else with that fairly recent mod of the extra 90 degree brackets of aircraft aluminum and dzus fasteners.    Was probably the NAVAIR that I had seen it in originally.  


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