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WWII Garrison belt


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1 hour ago, dmar836 said:

Yes. I have one or two that came with the hooks and cloth belts and the color match isn't perfect. In, say, 1940 when a guy picked one of these up, did it come with a cloth belt or was it expected to be worn with the Sam Brown belt exclusively. The early officer book implies that IIRC. I always figured the cloth belts were picked up later when regs changed and that is what accounted for the slight mismatch in the gabardine color.



Yes Dave, that is the case. The blouse probably came without a matching cloth belt. As the regulations changed, the officer was expected to conform with the new regs and would have had to purchase a "matching" cloth belt. I do know that if the colors of the belt and the blouse were too far apart, the officer would be required to "fix it" as they were indeed supposed to be made of the same color and material.



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Centurion what if any ribbons were there on this coat?, you'll have to look at the rear of the top left pocket area to see marks that might of been left by the ribbon pin or pin holes, maybe under the left pocket flap to see if maybe a marksmanship badge was there too.

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