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I have three different Air Training Command insignia The top and middle are smaller than the third.  They are almost ascot size, but seem to be a little big for that.  Are any of them foreign made?  What would the two smaller insignia be used for?  Thanks in advance!


37849181_AIRTRAININGCOMMAND.jpg.0083cf349f1f07c43f581aedc8d1297a.jpg   373433814_AIRTRAININGCOMMANDREVERSE.jpg.a456e95b961e11c5fb1086670e32ab3b.jpg

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No, all US made. Used on the right chest area of flight suits until 1993, or right pocket of fatigue uniforms prior to 1980 when subdued became mandatory. In 1993 they were renamed Air Education and Training Command. You have them in the right order, older on top to newer on the bottom. These range from the 60s to the very early 90s. They are just variations, many others exist, all are very common. Your smaller ones may have shrunk a little more than some. Hope this helps.



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