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Here is a small object recently received. It is an aluminum strip lure which, dropped by a few planes before an operation made it possible to disorient the German radars, making them believe in a massive arrival of the air adversary. The pouch was to contain three originally. However, I have no info on the release method. I think the envelopes were thrown like that and the wind made them open up and deploy the parachute. It was used among other operations on June 06, 44 to make believe until the end a landing on the coasts of northern France.

Some collector friends also tell me that they have never seen the model with a parachute. I know there have been a lot of models, sizes, shapes ... tried before arriving at the final version. if any of you have any information on that, that will be great.
thank you.

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I have a roll of that I picked up in England in 1993, been so long since I've seen it, I don't recall if it has a parachute. I know mine doesn't have a box like yours. Nice Find! Thanks for posting it.


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I have some chaff recovered from a crashed B24 site by a veteran when he visited Germany in the mid 70s. He brought back a small jar with chaff in it and and srap pieces of metal and plexiglass 

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