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I used to be here as Fezman92 but I forgot my password and I don't have access to my old email address. I'm here again because I have some stuff I have questions about with restoration and I want to hang out with other military history buffs. I'm 27, an EMT (right now I just do dialysis transports but I'm off from work due to a back injury. Hope to get back to work next month and a 911 gig. Plan to be a flight medic or a flight nurse), and I live in NJ. 

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Hello fellow public servant!
Hi I’m from Indiana been a Firefighter and EMT-Medic for over 20 years actually 23, working on my 25 if my body will make it.

i started out as rookie on engine company 72 on my first assignment, during that time they sent me to school to get my basic emt, worked on that certificate for a year or so, then went to a vocational college got my medic, and that made a few gray hairs that I still got. Fast forward to 2000-2002 I gotten really sick Doctors noticed a “goose egg” on the side of my neck. I went threw some more tests and found out I had thyroid cancer. Went threw the course of that. Took about 2 years. For the first six months after my surgeries I didn’t have a voice, because that accidentally cut my vocal cord! Course my wife loved me more that I could talk, it was a whisper more say. Still to this day reason why/how I got cancer. I wasn’t cleaning my gear after every structure fire we always thought it was cool to show the marks and rubs of a fire burning. Well I now am an advocate to promote gear cleaning stations, and to have every firefighter to have two sets of turnout gear one is being cleaned and drying , you have another one ready for a 911 call.

Fast forward to 2015 I developed very hash pain in my manhood. I couldn’t pee normal it would be a dribble here there. Went to see an urologist it gave me stuff to self catch myself to drain bladder, come back in two weeks, this went on for 2 months. I got a second opinion from another urologist. He done some testing and found out my bladder was not working at all. After thinking and rethinking what could of caused it was all the weight I carry into a fire being anywhere of 60-80 lbs. over and over.

i had to have my bladder removed and it was cancer also. Went threw the whole game of chemotherapy and radiation. I looked like a cooked turnip. During all of this I decided to get my knee fixed while I was recouping from my cancer. I had a partial knee replacement on my right knee. Within the first 2 weeks I developed an infection I was at the place cut it off pain meds were not touching the pain no matter what I did or took. Had to have several cleanings due to it opening up. Then my orthopedic doctor took out the hardware and cut the other side out and put antibiotic beeds in it to get potient antibiotics plus IV therapy of antibiotics also. I was three months of no knee joint . It suck so bad, and top it off I was in a nursing home that didn’t care about there patients forgetting my iv therapy. I asked for transfer to hospital this was a Thursday was scheduled for Friday morning but had an emergency come threw and I was rescheduled for Monday morning. Surgery went well and had few spurs but it was all good finally. 
I take enough medicine that it looks like I have 25% of CVS in my cabinet.

i am an advent history buff of WW II my grandfather was a staff Sargent in the Army, directed his platoon of signal corps.

his unit was with General MacArthur as a switch board operator. He got injured from artillery in the Philippines and was on hospital ship.

i wish I could find some of his other mated that were  close with him during his operation.

i have more information but also needing lots more also.

thanks so much taking time to read this

proud to be an American,


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