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Unusual Submarine patches


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Picked up this Submarine patch to the USS Spikefish recently, its an unusual patch its painted on cloth, Looks like it came out of a scrap book.

I have owned one of these before that i got from the veterans family, I think its ww2 period made.

I posted some other ones i have seen, anyone familiar with this patch?


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Ok, I’ll bite.  Dating any submarine patch to the WWII war years is tough.  I’ve been researching this stuff for years and have never seen images of any in wear.  Probably several reasons for that, including light weight clothing on pacific war patrol, secrecy that pervaded the sub service, and a general lack of photographs stemming from subs being about 1% of the fleet.


That said, I believe there may have been limited patch use during those years, and if so their construction should mirror USN aviation patches.  Think pigment printing on wool felt, or embroidery on thinner felt with cheesecloth backing.  


So in sum I don’t think the patch style shown in multiple examples above is WWII period.  There are many around for sale and they don’t fit the construction styles of most USN patches of the time.  Individual boats, unique crews, irregular patches but with construction materials appropriate for the times is what Is be on the lookout for.  And provenance as much as possible not only to veterans but to the time period as well.  The bar is pretty high.

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