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USMC cover signed by 4 Marine Raiders

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In 2000 at the University of Utah, 4 Marine Raiders from WW2 gave a discussion at the union building about their experience in WW2 in the Raider battalions in the Solomons campaign and Makin to their eventual Raider Bn dissolution and reassignment into the divisions to participate in the Marianas and Iwo Jima. It was a fascinating talk . They signed my  WW2 era cover. Their names were:









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god bless them, a very nice monument to them

 in 1984, i knew several raiders, one guy who went to the local deli wore a baseball cap with ww2 marine raider patch on it , when i questioned him on the cover, he said not many people knew what a usmc raider was and was surprise i knew what it was,   my experience from being freinds with a few, always found them pleasant , and giving advise on life.

 i never thought of asking for a signature or a letter.  one raider who was on the rifle team with me in the MCL, he sold me seververal capture items, i never asked for a letter, the story of obtaining these items live on with me and my kids who knew him.


god bless the raiders


semper fi



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Thanks Marine. I understand MCL= Marine Corps League.  We were lucky to have crossed paths with these fellows but also to have some notion of their role in history.

thanks again


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Amazing cover with some very brave and heroic signatures from some of the toughest fighting men on the planet. 


man those raiders where fearless 


- Dean 

"Rise and rise again until lambs become lions."


Always looking for ww2 USMC items, helmets and any camo'd items



"thinking outside of the box"


New website



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