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M1 Ammunition Bag in Nylon: GI?

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Does anyone know if this nylon ammo bag was ever an issue item? I have never seen one before. I don't know whether it was in the supply system, something made by a filight equipment shop or for the surplus market. There is a stamp inside the top flap. It is too faded to read.


I took some photos of the nylon bag next to one of my WWIi dated bags. They compare favorably in dimension and detail. The trim, D rings, stitching and clips all line up on both. The nylon version even has the inside sleeve along the side and the drainage hole on the bottom. The buckle on the nylon is the same type used on the early ALICE pack pockets. Only the US appears suspicious on the newer version. It looks like it might have been stenciled on.23746a6b01e9a00e0d62c708c9780dd4.jpg89672b04568e1cefd934a5744a02acb1.jpg0172a6da90ad98b9b5fcf65a5adf6533.jpgea1975080a30b6cc137e72f63ebc935a.jpg


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