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Tell me about this soldiers' image ....


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I'll always pick up a cool old photo when I see one. This one shows a WW1 era soldier with some interesting uniform detail.  He appears to be very smartly dressed.

First off, is he a ' Cook Sergeant '? What is the meaning of the chevron's & star on his left lower sleeve? And his collar ..one US pinback, no collar disks? And his hat...no eagle on the peek?  Or is this a pre-WW1 image? There is a name written on back - Virgil Rodgers.

Thanks for looking!








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Often when you see the combination of putters and visor hat being worn, it’s an indication that the image is from the early 1920s.


The star above the chevrons is probably  a voluntary enlistment star.

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I have always been told that the star above the o/seas chevrons denoted one of the first 50,000 to go overseas. They sure are not common!


As for the officer's US device on the collar, you will note that this cook sergeant has his OD wool shirt collar turned out over his standing collar. As the tunic buttons appear to be gilt and not bronze, I would agree, this photo is probably from the 1920's.



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The chevron is for a mess sergeant authorized 1918-1920. The star above the overseas chevrons could be either for volunteer or early overseas as stated above.

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Thanks to everyone for their input. I didn't pick up on the fact that he had his long sleeve wool shirt on underneath with the collar out. Must have been a winter photo considering his apparel. Interesting about the star as well. I agree as well that the image screams out as post-1920.

I just now noticed he's got a ribbon on his left breast pocket. Probably WW1 Victory ribbon?

I may repost his image and name in the ID section in hopes of finding out a bit more about Mr Rodgers service.

I love the image!



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