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SWCS BDU questions

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Hey everybody, got this SWCS BDU that belonged to a sergeant with combat service in the 82nd. A couple strange things. First question is, would this likely have been someone assigned to SWCS on a more permanent basis given the SSI or was it worn by people going through as trainees? Also there seems to be a repair with UCP fabric on the back of the name tape. Not sure why but it seems as if a previous name tape was once sewn on and removed. Lastly the airborne tab and SWCS patch are different colors. Not sure if that’s normal variance or not. Any insight from people who know better would be appreciated. As always, thanks. 




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28 minutes ago, scottiques said:

Patch was worn by those going through the Q- course as well as instructors and support personel assigned.


Not sure on the mending.



Cool thanks. I guess if nothing else the repair helps date it to 2006-2008ish? It’s a 99 contract date. Given the badges and rank Im guessing this would have belonged to someone going through rather than an instructor or support staff

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