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USN Bip-Pants/Overalls in blue?

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I think what I recently received is a bip-pant with the contract number NXsx 82967 - but in a dark blue. I can't read the tag anymore and since it is »blueish«, I assume the whole pant was re-dyed. The barely readable »U.S.N« stamp is/was black. So, if there ever was a blue version of this pant, shouldn't the print be in white? 

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Sam, Are they something like these?

First pic is the tag with a different contract number (I’m not schooled in dating these), second pic is a navy blue pair of bibs that go with the tag.
Next pic is the blue bibs next to a OD pair I have.  The blue ones have a synthetic pile liner the OD ones are lined with OD wool.  USN stencil is gone on the blue pair but is in black on the upper left chest of the OD pair.  I am no expert on these- I had assumed the blue ones were post war and the OD ones were WW2. Last pic is tag showing contract number of the OD pair.

Not to hijack, but if you Gentlemen have insight on these I’d love to hear it as well.





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1 hour ago, Doctorofwar said:

I had assumed the blue ones were post war and the OD ones were WW2. Last pic is tag showing contract number of the OD pair.


The blue deck coats and pants were early war about 1939 through 1943, when someone decided that blue-clad US sailors might look too much like Germans, so they went to the light OD gear. The blue deck jackets have sold for silly amounts of money, but the blue overalls are not  as sought after: maybe $80-100 for the pants, but closer to $3,000 for a jacket.







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Thanks for the info and background On these Bob.  Didn’t know the jackets were so sought after.  My collection doesn’t contain any of the jackets, but both of these pants were literally given to me free of charge- the blue ones because a friend was getting a little too ‘husky’ to wear them snow blowing his driveway anymore  and the green pair because they didn’t sell after an estate sale of a WW2 Navy Veteran so I guess I did alright.  

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Guys, thank you for the replies.

What I found out while browsing the internet excessive:

- There are blue bib-overalls/pants, different contract number. They only have a zipper in the front, no flap over it, clips to the side and no back pockets (like the one you posted, Doctorofwar). »U.S. NAVY« is often printed on it in white, full width of the bip.

- there are OD ones with a single flap pocket in the front and a flap over the zipper, but not covering the full front.

- And the ones I've got. They seem to only pop up in olive drab, two open pockets on the frontside, zipper covered with a buttoned flap and »U.S.N.« printed in black on the right side of the bip. There is a japanese reporduction in blue with white print, but I wouldn’t count that a a proof.

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