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Vice Admiral William I. Martin Uniform

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Uniform (with Theater Made ribbons) of Rear (later Vice) Admiral William I. Martin.



This incredible uniform was ordered from the prominent Hong Kong tailoring firm of “William McGee” by then US Navy Rear Admiral (and famous Naval Test Pilot) William I. Martin, who by the end of his illustrious naval career had: Achieved the rank of Vice Admiral, served as Assistant Chief of Naval Operations, as CO of the US Mediterranean (6th) Fleet, as CO of Carrier Division 19, as Chief of Naval Air Reserve trains ing, as Chief of Staff for the Atlantic Fleet, as Captain of the USS Saipan, as an advisor to the West German Bundesmarine,

pioneered the art of foul weather and night time carrier based flying, helped innovate anti- Kamikaze warfare, served as commanding officer of fighter/ scout/torpedo squadron’s (VS-2), (VS-10), (VT-10), and night group 90, and served as an unofficial spokesperson for Naval Air Power during the US Air Force’s attempts to consolidate all areal units under its control.


After retiring from the Navy in the early 1970’s, Martin would work as a senior board member for Northrop Grumman before totally retiring in the late 80’s, and would pass away in 1996.







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