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Solar Furnace

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Found a really cool piece of history straight from the Cold War at its height of nuclear paranoia.  I’ve been working in a old army warehouse doing fairly routine work when I came across a small dirt pile in a corner under a shelving unit.  At first it seemed like maybe someone had torch cut a mount, but after further inspection I realized it was an 8”x8”x2” plate of steel with a hole burned in the middle of it.  I thought maybe it was an example of a capable armor piercing ordnance or something, but encrusted in the dirt was a placard.  It reads “US Army Quartermaster Corps Solar Furnace February 1959”.  After looking up what a solar furnace is, I realized that I had just come across something that’ll decorate my living room for decades to come.  I did not take this off of the base without first getting permission, just to be clear.  If anyone has any info on this project or questions I’d love hear.




link to video describing the solar furnace





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