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Opinions Please On Named Wrap Brooch USMC Reserve Medal

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This named wrap brooch USMC Reserve Medal sold yesterday on eBay, but I decided to pass on it, as something seemed off. For starters, I believe that the suspension ribbon has been replaced. I also thought the patina was rather dark and more indicative of post-WWII issued medal. Lastly, the only Marine I found on the enlistment rolls with that name was born in 1922, which would have been way too young to have served to receive the medal for service between 1933-1937 (the Marine I found served in WWII and Korea,  receiving the CMOH and several other decorations). Any thoughts on the authenticity of this medal and the engraving?





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I saw this one as well and I don't like it. The ribbon doesn't match the wear and use of the medal. The stitching looks bad as well. On the other hand, the ribbon could have been damaged and replaced with a new one. But there is still the medal itself and the engraving. It just doesn't look right (large, thick letters) and appears artificially aged. And then there is the question, as already mentioned, if there was actually a Marine with that name that received such a medal in that time frame. It did sell for a lot though, didn't it?

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Everything about the medal is correct EXCEPT the PQM screwed up the date and so the medal never got issued. It's from the Gen.  Gaynor collection auctioned a decade ago. Gen. Gaynor pulled strings and got to dive into the stock of leftovers.

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WOW "General Gaynor" I have not heard that name in 30+ years!!



"The Americans on this Island are not ordinary troops, but Marines, a special force recruited from jails and insane asylums for blood lust." -Japanese Newspaper found during the Battle of Guadalcanal - "They Got That Right!!" Chesty Puller




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