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I spotted this insignia on eBay while searching through junk enamel pins and thought it was a neat one. It appears to be an enamel version of the Camp Crowder patch that has been discussed previously on this forum and ASMIC, although I could find no information on there being an enamel insignia for the signal corps instructors at the camp.  The pin has a simple C catch on the back and is unmarked which makes me wonder if it was made by a local jeweler in Missouri.


During the course of my research it occurred to me that this could be a "sweetheart pin" but being roughly around the size of an DUI and of a design of a patch that was worn by individuals stationed at the camp I feel pretty confident that this was intended to be a DUI. If anyone has any additional info or an opinion on this pin or has seen one before please let me know! thanks for looking. 





Camp Crowder.1.png

Camp Crowder.2.png

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Also by coincidence I found this training book in an antique store after getting the pin and thought the Camp Crowder connection was neat and worth sharing. The book was named to an individual from E company of the 801st signal regiment which I believe was a training regiment. 

Camp Crowder book.png

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