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KIA Purple Heart Heartbreak Ridge 10/10/1951


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There's a guy I know who buys out large quantities of second hand merchandise and over the years he's turned up some incredible medal groups. But with the covid I hadn't seen him since February, so I  got ahold of him and a few days later a package shows up on my door. This serviceman was from just down the road in Oakland, California (the army lists L.A. Ca, but his funeral notice is Oakland). From what I can gather he was assigned to the 38th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division as a PFC. He was killed in action October 10, 1951 attempting to take Hill 905 on Heartbreak Ridge. The medal is engraved in the official manner typical of the Korean era. It came with an engraved gold star mother pin. I think this is engraved to his sister and I think the family line died out and that is how the medal eventually came to me. Its a sad reality of war and another example of collectors taking care of medals lost to time. Best ABN


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