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Named Gettysburg Anniversary, 75th

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   In October of 1862, 13 year old William B. Caton watched as Captain Lewis Merrill's Cavalry Regiment passed his farm in Sturgeon, Missouri. He followed the enthralling cavalry men to join. Capt. Merrill told him he could stay IF he could learn to play the bugle. He did and became a Private & Bugler in Company E, the 2nd Missouri Cavalry, known as "Merrill’s Horse" Bugler Caton served with the regiment until he mustered out Sept. 19, 1865
Capt. Lewis Merritt cavalry regiment served in the field against Confederate guerrilla's in Arkansas, Missouri and Tennessee, then into Georgia before mustering out. 
     William Caton, still a youth at the wars end, became a notable figure at Veterans Reunions after the war. In July of 1938 he attended the 75th Gettysburg Reunion accompanied by his son, named after his wartime commander.
   His group includes wartime CdV's in uniform, self inscribed on the reverse. There is an inscribed GAR badge and importantly his Federally awarded, boxed and 75th Gettysburg Reunion Attendees badge as well as his son's Attendants badge.








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email wartime@wartimecollectables.com
On the web at http://www.wartimecollectables.com




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DOUBLE WOW ! I didn’t notice it before.  He’s wearing a  “Cavalry walking horse I.D. Badge in one of the CDVs “ that is very rare.   Again my compliments.   Mike


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