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Major General 2-Star Flag / Banner....When Was It Made?

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I've got this banner (I assume that's what it is, it has no suspension device). Double-sided. Made with some course, fairly light old-school cotton, with maybe lightly weather-proofed stars. 35" x 47". Has a pre-wwII , small-scale manufacturing feel to it.

Anyone have any idea when this might have been made?



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1 hour ago, Blacksmith said:

Are you selling it?

Eh. Maybe if the price was right. Just trying to get an idea of exactly what it is time-wise at the moment. 

I'm feeling WWI based on it's construction, but want to be sure. 

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It doesn’t look regulation to me. No canvas header with grommets and leather mounting tabs like you’d expect on a GI flag. Also no reinforcement in the corners as on QM made general officer flags. 

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