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I.D.Disc July 2,1863 Gettysburg

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    Dan Sickles position on the second day at Gettysburg was in his mind , not tenable . Mr.Roses peach orchard  and “The wheat-field “ with the high ground along the Emmitsburg Road looked to Old Dan to be a much better position. The problem was it was a much longer line and left his flank in the air and Little Round Top undefended . Three times he sent back for Gen.Meade to approve an advance to this high ground. Meade preoccupied with an anticipated attack on his right told Sickles to conform to his orders. Finally Gen.Meade unbent enough to send Gen.Hunt his chief of artillery to have a look. Hunt agreed the forward line was better ground but refused to order an advance. Instead he suggested a  reconnaissance. Gen.Sickles ordered it done and when he received the report of confederates in force moving to his left. He felt here was Chancelorville all over again. 
   He took the initiative and moved the Third  Corps  with Solomon Bristol and the 72nd New York (Excelsior Brigade) to the forward position. When Gen. Meade got word of this he immediately rode to see Gen.Sickles. Meade was “highly distressed “, to put it mildly and told Sickles to pull back. At that moment James Longstreet launched his attack. Gen.Meade rescinded his order and told Gen.Sickles “The Army will support you General, see to your men “

  Longstreets attack decimated the third Corps. Solomon was wounded in the arm during this fight and was hospitalized for 5 months before returning to duty. 

   This  War of 1861 disc with battle honors and McClellan style suspension pin. List 9 battles from Yorktown thru Fredericksburg, Whtch seems to indicate it was purchased during 62 - 63 winter camp at Falmouth and was worn at Gettysburg. Wounded at Williamsburg and again at Gettysburg and a third time by a shell in February of 1864. He mustered out on June 15th 1864 completing a 3 year enlistment. 
   This is the second time I have posted this badge. Doing so because I’ve received more records and information and to recognize his Gettysburg service on the 157th anniversary of the battle. 

    This thick style broach is the only one of this style I’ve seen.  Thanks for looking.   Fraternally Yours Mike



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This is why I collect named items. So fascinating to put a man behind the badge and to learn of his wartime service. Excellent work Mike!
Of course now you have me wanting to add a disc to my collection!!!

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Thanks Andrew. I now have all I.D.ed pieces except two badges. One Corps Badge and one Provost Guard.I’ll let you know if I see any disc I think you’ll like.   Fraternally Yours Mike.  

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