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WWII Paratrooper Photo - Twin Brothers?

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I posted an Airborne photo recently trying to get some ideas of a unit identification. Must have gone over well because there were zero replies. I just noticed from one of the shots that there appears to be twin brothers in the same group, one of them without jump wings so maybe he was recently transferred in. I thought it was interesting anyway ;)


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There certainly is a similarity. I've never been good at seeing familiarity in faces, but I'd say there's a chance...


Sgt Jesse 'Jeff Nasty' Balthaser
Sgt John P Huling
Cpl Carlos 'Gilo Monster' Gilorozco
Cpl Stephen C 'Socks' Sockalosky
LCpl Joshua A 'Scottie' Scott
LCpl Jason Lee 'Birdman' Frye
LCpl Nicolas B Morrison
LCpl Jon T Hicks
LCpl Osbrany 'Oz' Montes De Oca
Pvt Lewis T D Calapini
'The SOI 5'


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It is interesting that the brother on the right is not wearing wings or a cap patch. I know that the 505th PIR had at least two sets of brothers in the regiment, though I don't know whether any were twins. I don't think this is a 505 PIR photo as they are wearing parachute cap patches. The 505th wore the paraglide cap patch even before deploying to North Africa.



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He also doesn’t have any lapel insignia.


They sure look like each other.  Without seeing the other guys faces, it appears that these two are staring directly into the camera - and not just “eyes forward”.

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An interesting photo, that one GI with no insignia is most anomalous. One more thing I noticed is they're all wearing the Khaki Shirt instead of the OD Wool one, worn as a unit in formation, this will be rare, so far seen the Khaki shirt under the coat and later IKEs by either EMs on leave or after discharge.

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