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"Battle of Alsace" My US collection.

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Hello gentlemen,


The woman with the french flag is a Alsacian woman in her traditional dress who pay homage to the French, English & US liberators of her country after 5 years of german occupation.

100.000 alsacien were FORCED to serve in the Wehrmacht or SS between 1943 & 1945. 25.000 were KIA or MIA & 15.000 other died in Soviet POW camps.

My uncle was 20 years old when he MIA as grenadier of the Infanterie régiment 58 in august 1943 in Novo Jamskoye Soviet union. (little town near the border of ukraine & russia).

My father was also 20 years old & grenadier in the gebirgsjäger regiment 100 (Mountain troops) from january 1943 to october 1945 & wounded 4 times.

Best regards from Alsace , France.






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  Thank you for the explanation of the woman and the circumstances your father and uncle experienced.  These personal experiences and your Collection Alsace 39/45 and History museum in Ohnenheim, France allow for connections be be maintained from the past to the present.





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Hello gentlemen,


More detail pics.

The M1923 belt, Cartridge is, as you can see at the attachment hooks, a very first "British made" model.

The M1 helmets : on pic 7 : 5th IDUS, 103th IDUS & 3th DIUS.

on pic 8 : 1ere DFL (1ere Division France Libre) the libération division of my village.

Best regards from Alsace , France.












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