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Hi Bob,


He thinks they are negative, I’m wondering how to better convey it, that’s why they are in quotes.


But if he goes to a show believing that this set has any great value and tries to convince people that it was used in Nam and if anyone has half a brain they will challenge him, he’s going to get more than factual feedback.

Ive been corrected a time or two it’s never fun but I take what I need to learn, to hopefully evolve, to be better than myself.


Gunbb I apologize for anything that came across as an attack as this was not my intention. 

I would be very proud to have a son like yours.


My daughter once bought me a scrap book at the flea market.


It had no great value but the connection I had with her and the feeling it gave me is priceless.








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$20 per item for out of focus hunting Cammo.
For the fun factor of this thread.....throw on a extra five bucks.

You are a wast of time.

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I'm sorry for being so rude,

you're right, it was actually worn by none other than CPT Shackleton of A-113 at Buon Enao where they "weren't supposed to be" (which is why the Army recorded a 30 minute documentary on which aired on CBS, ABC, and DuMont half a year later and allowed civilian photo-journalist Horst Faas to photograph them). For this he needed a uniform that was simultaneously a clandestine hunting shirt and US Army issue. 


A picture is worth a thousand words, so here's a thousand pictures!

"I read that in war bad things happen, Ain't that the ************* truth" -1st Lt Mike Scotti







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