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46th Special Forces Company Dentist Uniform Top


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I purchased this from the veteran a few weeks ago, a nice third model uniform that was Thai (Thailand) direct embroidered. 

In 1970, Robert Reed served as a Special Forces Dentist assigned to the 46th Special Forces Company (ABN), Thailand.



Robert Reed (Reed) 3.jpg

Robert Reed.jpg

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The officer pinning some award on CPT REED was LTC Combs, the CO of 46th SF Co.  I don't know if CPT Reed was the dentist when I signed in around October 1969 but who ever it was, he did a great job removing all of my wisdom teeth in three settings.  LTC Combs took over from LTC Stephen R. Johnson mid 1970.

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So as time's gone by, I've come to own this uniform group.  It was delivered yesterday.  I'm very happy to have this one as I prefer 46th Co. items and this is a direct embroidered 3d pattern jacket.  It's my first embroidered JJ.  It has the trousers and beret with it as well.  Still good starch to the uniform.

I was able to find Captain Reeds Email this afternoon and have been in correspondence with him.  He's offered his Corcoran jump boots to go with the rest of the group.  Also theres a nice page on line about his time in Thailand and a YouTube video at the end of the article.  It appears he may be wearing this jacket in the film?  Also he told me he was being awarded the Army Commendation Medal in the above B&W photo.


I told Mr Reed his uniform was in good company now and that I was proud to be it's current caretaker.


Here's the link with the YouTube at the end.....







20230222_124250 copy.jpg


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