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WTB Harlan Glenn TTO&Old Run WWII Impressions

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Looking to see if anyone has the following Harlan Glenn Tarawa To Okinawa or WWII Impressions reproduction gear. I know it’s a long shot, especially for the TTO gear, but I’d like to take a crack at it on here and see if anyone has something. The list that follows is the most wanted on my wish list, but anything else you may have from TTO or old run WWII Impressions USMC may also be of interest. 

- TTO USMC Huck Towel 

- TTO M1941 Haversack & Knapsack (Pattern 1, riveted)

- TTO M1941 Haversack & Knapsack (Pattern 2, sewn)
- TTO M1941 Canteen Cover “P1” & “P2” looking for at least two covers

- Old Run WWII Imp. M1941 Canteen Cover “P1” & “P2” looking for at least two covers as well (which ever set pops up first)

- Old Run WWII Imp. M1941 Haversack “Windtalkers” (Pattern 3, reinforced) looking for one to compliment my Knapsack 
- Old Run WWII Imp. USMC Pattern 1 Helmet Cover. Looking for a nice old run helmet cover, manufacturer doesn’t matter as long as quality is there


These requests are a lot, and I know people who own these items try and hold on to them since they’re deadstock, but I’d love to get my hands on these items and will compensate nicely if available. Let me know what you have, thank you. 



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