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F-101B Voodoo Instrument Panel

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Very cool! Easily my favorite "Century Series" fighter. Here she is in flight.

"Cruising gracefully, a pair of F-101B’s of the 18th Fighter Interceptor Squadron show their sleek lines to admirers below. 58-0324 is now on display at Palmdale Airport, CA. 58-0339 was less fortunate and was chopped to pieces in the 1980s." https://thejivebombers.com/2019/04/14/f-101-voodoos-1966/


F101 580339.jpg

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Thanks gents.  Here's another photo I have of her, in the colors of what I think must have been her last assignment - the Oregon ANG.  This is from a slide I bought on eBay...  


This is the same scheme as the diecast model posted earlier in this thread :)







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