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Hello and thank you for the ad.


Although new here, I've been collecting for a little over 50 years now.  I've collected a variety of militaria, both Allied and Axis, up to an including vehicles at one time.  My main interest for the past couple of decades has been medal groups ~ initially to all Allied forces but that got out of hand so now just to the Canadian and American forces. I really enjoy learning about the recipients and helping preserve their history. I kept representative Canadian uniforms and field equipment to go along with the medal displays in the den.  More recently I began to add U.S. uniforms and field equipment to the display.  I still enjoy learning about it all and adding to the collection when I can.  It's been a life long passion.



Victoria, BC


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Welcome to the forum RickInVic.....which is a strange coincidence as my name is Rick and I’m also in Victoria....what are the odds? 🤔😄


I collect mainly US Army Air Force uniforms and gear. You’re going to love being on the forum, great people and tons of great information! 

The other Rick in Vic 👍🏼😊





Collector of WWII M-1helmets and WWII Airborne items

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