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US Air Force Air Craft ID On Party Suit

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There are four air craft embroidered in the front of this suit.  I believe I have 3 of them correct.  Top center plane appears to be a OV-10 Bronco.  Middle right appears to be an A-37 Dragonfly.  Bottom center appears to be an A-10 Warthog.  What is the center left air craft.   It's a twin boom with center nacelle and it appears to have a push-pull or push propeller.  Thanks in advance.

IMG_0587 (2).JPG


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That is an O-2, also known as the Oscar Deuce, it was another FAC type aircraft and was used in VN and later. Made famous by the film Bat-21.


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That looks like an O-2 or civilian Cessna Skymaster.  Your identification of the A-10 is correct, but given the other "FAC" aircraft, I'm guessing it was actually an "OA-10" if the party suit fits the timeframe for that airframe/MDS.

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