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U.S. Army Transport U.S. Grant

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My great Uncle was delivered to Manila in 1930 in this vessel. I have two questions.


1.) Did the Army own this ship?

2.) Was the crew Navy or what?


I've been trying to discover my Uncle's military record. He had 3 other brothers that served too. Thanks in advance.

US Army Transport U.S. Grant.jpg

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I don't know the answer to your question but thanks for posting the photo.  The U. S. Grant made many trips transporting soldiers, officers and their families from the PI to San Francisco and back.  A bunch of coast artillerymen I have researched sailed aboard her throughout the 1930's.  Fold3 (pay website) has some of the passenger manifests on their site.

Looking for items related to the Ninth Coast Artillery District and 6th Coast Artillery Regment

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Army owned ship....the Army had a fleet of these named for Civil War Generals from around Spanish American War time that moved soldiers to the PI, north China and back...later delivering Marines and Sailors to China until the mid-1920's when the Navy assumed the mission. The crew wore uniforms similar to Navy uniforms with similar Navy ranks 

Always looking for items associated with the China Marines! Visit chinamarine.org



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I found the passenger lists in Fold3 for the U.S. Grant and my Great Uncle was listed as leaving Fort McDowell on 19 November 1930. I have found him on Fold3, Find A Grave, Ancestry, and NARA. Any other suggestions?


When I was young, my Grandmother gave me a cigar box with some of her 9 brother's pins. Luckily, only 4 served. I have included a photo of him that I photoshopped in his actual pins. Still figuring out which pins went with who.


Thanks for everyone's help!


Oliver Johnson.jpg

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