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Here i have a US navy inflation belt used by a Marine in post-war Japan, it was made for the Navy by Firestone Tire and Rubber co. on October 18th, the year of manufacture is too smudged to be readable sadly. This belt has the name and initials of a E. T. Sawicki, presumedly the Marine who ended up with the belt. It is in rough condition and has wear and tear throughout it, and is missing the end caps for the valves. I won this from a auction which was put up by the friend of the grandson of the former owner of this belt who stated it that it belonged to a Marine who served in Post-war Japan.DE5A0819-B67E-4AA1-A7F5-781FDB43001B.jpeg.acb4d3ed7af8f9d53d05c39bccf0c70a.jpeg058282FE-69FE-41A5-BC50-9F069CBF543C.jpeg.693932a4ef165ff3e644881ea1d536fd.jpegFB0765D6-1E15-43CA-B8C0-853526D9943E.jpeg.9b6ec4c3421851cf23f0e6e6cf24f66d.jpeg

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