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5th Amphibious marked lower M1941 pack


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Here i have a early war M1941 lower pack, it lacks any marking which dates or identifies when and where it was manufactured but i presume its depot made. It has multiple names and initials on it and one unit marking that puts it with the 5th Amphibious at some point in its service life.  Overall its in pretty rough condition and has been put through the wringer, but still a amazing piece to have.3156FA20-5527-4408-A4EB-9A813894DB05.jpeg.d0de78663eea9f816f44b914980ac2ea.jpegBF65553F-CCB4-435C-AA9C-EE3FB04A8458.jpeg.3637d0441385e5d40fc7960ad24ca207.jpegC129CE0B-01C3-4258-8B4A-1857C9D1C191.jpeg.8bfe93393d050898699373d4a1826854.jpeg

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