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This is one of the two WW2 era M1941 packs i have, it lacks any marks except for the UNIS rank markings for a Captain, however i believe it was made around 1944-45. It is in almost mint condition and only has minor wear from storage and rust staining from other equipment it could of been stored with. CB99B67D-E348-4480-AE6E-29C291A206BE.jpeg.00598275ba8aac854fbb781e7f119c48.jpeg70EE0BE0-C827-4292-8536-8F7891DD5A8D.jpeg.78d81560694234f6d8b0c475c36ae4c2.jpeg17ECC76D-1F3E-46E4-9D03-D21F1E742D8C.jpeg.760a6c5ce7bf5daf0530b0be7223eeb2.jpeg

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