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I've had this piece for a little while now, really don't know too much about it. I believe this is a prototype of an improved version of the original MOLLE I rucksack frame. Beyond that suspicion I know almost nothing about it. Hoping somebody knows more. Attached a picture of the relevant part of the frame, everything else is standard MOLLE.20200622_212254.jpg.8508b98a712da68927ac613bcf6ff131.jpg

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Any nomenclature or dates/contract numbers on anything?

Actually, I think that’s early MOLLE. That bottom part is for the sleep system.

The MOLLE frames didn’t do well, especially in AB operations.

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This isn't the standard old MOLLE I frames I don't believe, I have one of those and it looks like this. No nomenclature that I've been able to find but I haven't disassembled it so I haven't seen every part of the frame yet, all the buckles are dated 98 through 00. Here's a picture of the old standard production MOLLE frame for reference.


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