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I need some help with this one. I have had this for years and not really sure what it is. 10th Infantry Division 1860? Any help appreciated and possible value. Thanks, Pony.




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That is a 100% duty medal for a unit of the New York National Guard.  My guess on the unit, based on the motto "Ducit Amor Patriae" (Led by Love of Country) is 210th Armor.  The 210th Armor traces it lineage back to the Civil War and the New York State Militia.




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This is from the 1930's when the unit was still the 10th Infantry, NYNG. These sell for around $20 - with the box maybe another $5 so $25 total. This unit/version is not one of the rarer ones.



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The unit was 106th Infantry Regiment before it became the 210th Armor, so 10th New York Infantry, 106th Infantry Regiment (New York National Guard) and 210th Armor.



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